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Compositae - Sunflower Family


Achillea lanulosa, A. lanulosa ssp alpicola

Used in moderation, a tea can be made from the dried leaves or substituted for sage in stews and soups.

Achillea lanulosa
CalFlora Record

Pearly Everlasting

Anaphalis margaritacea

Herbage can be used as a tobacco substitute.

Anaphalis margaritacea
CalFlora Record


Antennaria alpina, A. argentea, A. corymbosa,
A. dimorpha, A. geyeri, A. luzuloides,
A. rosea, A. umbrinella

The gum in the stem makes a nutritious chewing gum.

Antennaria alpina
CalFlora Record

Sagebrush Wormwood

Artemisia arbuscula, A. cana, A. douglasiana,
A. dracunculus, A. ludoviciana ssp incompta, A. norvegica var. saxatilis,
A. rothrockii, A. tridentata

Seeds are edible raw or ground. Herbage used to flavor soups, but is toxic in large quantities.

Artemisia dracunculus
CalFlora Record

Balsam Root

Balsamorhiza deltoidea, B. sagittata

Leaves and stems may be eaten, but the older they get the more fibrous they become. The seeds may be roasted and consumed.

Balsamorhiza deltoidea
CalFlora Record


Cirsium andersonii, C. californicum, C. coulteri,
C. drummondii, C. eatonii, C. foliosum,
C. ochrocentrum, C. pastoris, C. tioganum

Roots of all species may be consumed raw or cooked. Peeled stems are cooked as greens. Young leaves are edible, all leaves can be steeped as tea.

Cirsium ochrocentrum
CalFlora Record


Hieracium albiflorum, H. cynoglossoides, H. gracile,
H. horridum

The juice may be dried and used as chewing gum.

Hieracium albiflorum
CalFlora Record

Nodding Scorzonella

Microseris nutans

The thin roots can be eaten raw.

No Image Available
CalFlora Record

Mules Ears

Wyethia augustifolia, W. elata, W. helenioides,
W. invenusta, W. mollis, W. ovata

Seeds are edible and resemble sunflower seeds in taste.

Wyethia elata
CalFlora Record

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