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Ericaceae - Heath Family


Arbutus menziesii

The berries may be eaten raw, steamed or boiled. They may saved for future use after boiling.

Arbutus menziesii
CalFlora Record


Arctostaphylos mariposa, A. mewukka, A. nevadensis,
A. patula, A. uva-ursi var. coactilis, A. viscida

Berries may eaten raw when ripe in small quantities. Cooking them renders them completely edible. You can make cider by crushing the berries (red or green) and scalding with an equal amount of water then allowing the solids to settle. The berries can be dried also and the seeds can be ground into flour or meal.

Arctostaphylos mariposa
CalFlora Record

Alpine Wintergreen

Gaultheria humifusa

The leaves and flowers have a wintergreen flavor and are edible raw or cooked.

Gaultheria shallon
The pictured image is a similar species, G. shallon
CalFlora Record


Vaccinium arbuscula, V. nivictum, V. occidentale,
V. parvifolium

The berries are eaten raw, cooked, or after being dried and stored.

Vaccinium parvifolium
CalFlora Record

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