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Fagaceae - Beech Family



Chrysolepis chrysophylla var. minor, C. sempervirens

The autumn ripening nuts can be eaten raw or roasted.

Chrysolepis chrysophylla
CalFlora Record

Tanbark Oak

Lithocarpus densiflora var. echinoides

The nuts are edible if treated as described in Quercus (Oak).

Lithocarpus densiflora var. echinoides
CalFlora Record


Quercus chrysolepis, Q. dumosa, Q. garryana var. breweri,
Q. kelloggii, Q. vaccinifolia, Q. wislizenii

In all sierra species, the tannic acid must be leached from the fruit before it can be eaten. The nut is removed from the shell and dried. The dried nut is ground into fine meal and soaked in a lye solution (hardwood ashes) or in hot water until the acid is removed (5-10 washes). Placing the meal in a cloth sack in running water for several days will also leach out the tannic acid. The dried husks can be used as a coffee substitute.

Quercus kelloggii
CalFlora Record

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