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Leguminosae - Pea Family

Redbud/Judas Tree

Cercis occidentalis

The buds, flowers and young pods may be fried or made into fritters. Fresh buds and flowers are slightly acidic and good in salads. The raw bark can be used to treat diarrhea.

Cercis occidentalis
CalFlora Record

Wild Licorice

Glycyrrhiza lepidota

The roots are good raw or added to other food as a flavoring.

Glycyrrhiza lepidota
CalFlora Record

Round Leaved Psoralea

Psoralea orbicularis/Hoita orbicularis

The foliage is used for tea and several species tubers are edible raw or cooked.

No Image Available
CalFlora Record


Trifolium beckwithii, T. bifidum var. decipiens, T. bolanderi,
T. breweri, T. ciliolatum, T. cyathiferum,
T. gracilentum, T. hybridum, T. lemmonii,
T. longipes, T. microcephalum, T. monanthum,
T. obtusiflorum, T. productum, T. repens,
T. tridentatum, T. wormskioldii

All species are edible raw but may cause bloat in large amounts. To avoid this effect, the leaves may be steamed or cooked or soaked for several hours in salt water. Prepared in these ways, clover makes an excellent protein supplement. The prepared leaves may be dried and stored for future use. A tea can be made from the dried flower heads. The seeds are also edible.

Trifolium cyathiferum
CalFlora Record

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