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Nymphaeaceae - Water-lily Family


Brasenia schreberi

The starchy rootstocks may be peeled, boiled and eaten, or dried and stored or ground into flour. The unexpanded leaves and leaf stems may be eaten in salad, slime and all.

Brasenia schreberi
CalFlora Record

Cow Lily/Yellow Pond Lily

Nuphar polysepalum

The globular seed vessels mature in midsummer and may be collected with their seeds. When dry, the seeds are easily removed and will keep indefinately. The seeds may be treated like popcorn and after popping may be eaten or ground into meal. The starchy rootstocks should be boiled then peeled. The core can then be eaten, placed in soup or stew, or dried, ground into meal and use as flour.

Nuphar luteum ssp. polysepalum
CalFlora Record

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