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Portulacaceae - Purslane Family

Red Maids

Calandrinia ciliata

Herbage and seeds are edible raw or cooked.

Calandrinia ciliata
CalFlora Record

Spring Beauty

Claytonia bellidifolia, C. chamissoi, C. lanceolata,
C. lanceolata var. sessifolia, C. nevadensis, C. parvifolia,
C. umbellata

The small bulbs may be eaten raw or cooked. Herbage may also be edible.

Claytonia lanceolata
CalFlora Record


Lewisia congdonii, L. disepala, L. kelloggii,
L. leeana, L. nevadensis, L. pygmaea,
L. rediviva, L. sierrae, L. triphylla

Probably every species has an edible root, although common bitterroot (L. rediviva) is rarely found in the Sierra. The bitter taste of the roots is much dimished by removing the brownish outer coating and cooking the starchy inner root.

Lewisia triphylla
CalFlora Record

Montia - Miner's Lettuce

Montia funstonii, M. linearis, M. perfoliata,
M. sibirica var. heterophylla, M. spathulata var. tenuifolia

The entire plant is edible and excellent in salads. The roots can be boiled then eaten.

Montia perfoliata
CalFlora Record

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