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Rosaceae - Rose Family


Adenostoma fasciculatum

Seeds are edible but tedious to collect.

Adenostoma fasciculatum
CalFlora Record


Amelanchier pallida, A. pumila

Both species have edible berries which can be eaten raw, cooked or dried. The berries ripen in late spring and throughout the summer.

Amelanchier pallida
CalFlora Record


Fragaria californica, F. platypetala,

The enlarged receptacle or berry is edible. The green leaves may also be used to make tea.

Fragaria vesca
The image is of F. vesca, a related species
CalFlora Record for Fragaria


Geum canescens, G. ciliatum, G. macrophyllum

The roots may be boiled to make a tea.

Geum macrophyllum
CalFlora Record

Cream Bush

Holodiscus boursieri, H. microphyllus

Flowers of a related species are edible raw or cooked.

Holodiscus microphyllus
CalFlora Record

Cinquefoil - Five Finger

Potentilla anserina, P. fruticosa

The roots of P. anserina are edible after cooking. The leaves of P. fruticosa can be made into tea.

Potentilla anserina
CalFlora Record


Rosa californica, R. gymnocarpa, R. pinetorum,
R. spithamea, R. woodsii var. ultramontana, R. woodsii var. gratissima

The hips may be eaten raw or cooked with a little sugar and are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Rosa californica
CalFlora Record


Rubus glaucifolius, R. leucodermis, R. parviflorus

All berries are edible raw or in jams and pies.

Rubus glaucifolius
CalFlora Record

Mountain Ash

Sorbus californica, S. scopulina

The fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or dried. It is best to gather after the first few frosts as the fruit is bitter before then.

Sorbus californica
CalFlora Record


Spiraea densiflora, S. douglasii

A tea can be made from the leaves of a related species.

Spiraea densiflora
CalFlora Record

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