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Saxifragaceae - Saxifrage Family

Alum Root

Heuchera micrantha var. erubescens, H. rubescens

The spring leaves are edible boiled or steamed. The root eaten raw will usually cure diarrhea.

Heuchera micrantha
CalFlora Record

Indian Rhubarb - Umbrella Plant

Peltiphyllum peltatum/Darmera Peltata

The fleshy leafstalks may be peeled and eaten as is or put into a salad. Cooking destroys some of the flavor.

Peltiphyllum peltatum/Darmera Peltata
CalFlora Record


Ribes amarum, R. cereum, R. divaricatum var. inerme,
R. inebrians, R. lasianthum, R. montigenum,
R. nevadense, R. roezlii, R. tularense,
R. velutinum, R. viscosissimum

The berries of all species are edible raw, cooked or dried.

Ribes cereum
CalFlora Record

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