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Scrophulariaceae - Figwort Family

Indian Paintbrush

Castilleja applegatei, C. breweri, C. culbertsonii,
C. disticha, C. lemmonii, C. miniata,
C. nana, C. payneae, C. peirsonii,
C. pilosa, C. pilosa var. jusselii, C. pruinosa

Many, perhaps all species have flowers that may be eaten raw, although the plant has the ability to concentrate selenium if it present in the soil.

Castilleja applegatei
CalFlora Record

Monkey Flower

Mimulus angustatus, M. arenarius, M. barbatus,
M. bicolor, M. bifidus, M. biolettii,
M. bolanderi, M. breviflorus, M. breweri,
M. cardinalis, M. coccineus, M. densus,
M. discolor, M. filicaulis, M. floribundus,
M. grayi, M. guttatus, M. lanciniatus,
M. layneae, M. leptaleus, M. lewisii,
M. mephiticus, M. montioides, M. moschatus,
M. nasutus, M. pilosus, M. primuloides,
M. pulchellus, M. pulsiferae, M. suksdorfii,
M. tilingii, M. torreyi, M. viscidus,
M. whitneyi

The young herbage may be eaten in salads. The leaves grow bitter with age but are still edible.

Mimulus aurantiacus
CalFlora Record


Veronica alpina var. alterniflora, V. americana, V. cusickii,
V. peregrina ssp xalapensis, V. scutellata, V. serpyllifolia,
V. serpyllifolia var. humifusa

The leaves and stems of this species are edible raw or cooked and are a source of vitamin C. Other species may be edible.

Veronica americana
CalFlora Record

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